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Continue to Explore iMovie

Congratulations, you’ve completed the tutorial. Now that you’re familiar with the basic
tools and features of iMovie, you can continue importing and enjoying your video
whenever you want, and creating and sharing more movies.

In iMovie Help, you can learn more tips for working with video and sound, including
shortcuts for working with video, and much more. Here are just a few more things you
can do with iMovie:

 Adjust color, brightness, contrast, and other images qualities.
 Tag your video with keywords for easy retrieval of specific moments.
 Customize your workspace to suit your working style.
 Share your movie across a variety of formats and devices.

iMovie allows you to create movies in a number of different formats so that you can
show your movie in almost any digital medium, including the following:

 Sending it in an email message
 Burning it to a DVD with iDVD
 Saving it as a QuickTime movie in a variety of formats

For information about sharing your movie in these ways, see topics about sharing
your movie in iMovie Help.

iMovie offers advanced tools for working more quickly and flexibly with your video
after you get comfortable with the basics. Using the advanced tools, you can perform
many of the tasks of this tutorial on the fly, including tagging your video with keywords
and enhancing video. For more information about advanced tools, see the topics about
using advanced tools in iMovie Help.