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About iMovie Events

When you import video into iMovie and give it an Event name, a new Event appears in
the Event Library, listed by the year in which it occurred. Clicking the disclosure triangle
for a year in the Event Library displays all the Events in a single year. If the video of a
single Event spans several days and you elected to separate the days when you
imported the video, the individual days are listed separately.

By choosing the name of an already existing Event when you’re importing new video,
you group video from multiple sources into one Event. You can also merge multiple
Events (or Event days) into one, or split a single Event into two.

By merging and splitting events or moving video clips from one Event to another,
you can organize all your video into meaningful categories and time frames and
browse through them as if you were browsing the titles of books on a bookshelf.
For example, if you imported video from multiple sources that you’d taken during a
vacation to the Galapagos Islands, all your video from all sources could be grouped
together under a single Event, for example, “Galapagos Vacation,” which can easily be
found in the year in which the vacation occurred.

Selecting an Event in the Event Library displays all the video that Event contains.
Selecting multiple Events simultaneously displays the video contained in all of the
selected Events.

To browse multiple Events:


Hold down the Command (x) key as you click the names of the Events containing
video you want to browse.

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Select a year in the Event Library to browse all the Events within it.

To merge Events:


Select them in the Event Library, and then choose File > Merge Events.

To split an Event into two:


Click the video clip you want to make the first clip in the new Event, and then choose
File > “Split Event Before Selected Clip.”

To move a video segment (clip) from one Event to another:


Drag it to the title of the Event (in the Event Library) where you want it to appear.

The Event appears in the Event Library listed under the year in which its most recent
clip was recorded.

You can also choose to further sort your Event Library by the hard disk where the video
is stored. When your Events are sorted by hard disk, you can browse all the Events on a
single disk by selecting the disk name.

To sort the Event Library by hard disk:


Click the button with the hard disk icon at the top of the Event Library pane.

To learn about more options for organizing your Event Library, see the topic
“Reorganizing Events in the Event Library” in iMovie Help.