iMovie - Adding Titles to Your Project

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Adding Titles to Your Project

You can add text over video at any point in your project. For example, you might give
your movie a title or end credits, or use text to identify a scene or individual in the
movie. All added text is referred to as titles.

To add a title to your video:


Choose Window > Titles, or click the Titles button in the iMovie toolbar.


Select the title style you want, and drag it to a clip in your iMovie project.

As you hover over the video clip with the title, a purple shadow appears over the clip,
indicating whether the title will appear over the whole clip, the first third of the clip,
or the last third of the clip; you can always move and resize it later. After the title is
dropped into place, a title appears in the iMovie viewer and a blue title icon appears
above the video clip.


In the viewer, select the placeholder text, and then type the text you want.


To change the color, font, or style of the text, select it, click the Show Fonts button in
the viewer, and then make your selections in the Font window.

Title icon

Select the placeholder text
and type your own.

Click when you’re

Click to open the Font
window and change the
look of the text.

Click to preview your


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To preview your work, click the Play button in the viewer, and when you like the way it
looks, click Done.

To make the title shorter or longer:


Let the pointer hover over either end of the title until it changes to a vertical line, and
then drag either end of the title icon.

To reposition the title:


Drag it to where you want it to appear in your video. You can even place it so that it
straddles two clips.

To edit a title you’ve already created:


Double-click the title icon and make your changes in the viewer.

To delete a title:


Select the title icon, and then press the Delete key.