iMovie - A Single Video Library

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A Single Video Library

By collecting all your video from every source into iMovie, you create a single library of
all your video—a

video library

. In the library, simply select the name of any Event that

you’ve recorded and view its contents; it’s as easy as opening a book and displaying its
pages. Group together all the video from a single event—your last vacation, for
example—even if it comes from different sources and is recorded in different video
formats. Now you can access it all with a single click.

Project Library

Lists all the iMovie

projects you’ve created.

iMovie toolbar

Most of the tools and

controls you need are

available here.

Event Library

Lists the names of all the Events

you’ve recorded on video and

gathered into iMovie.

Source video

Shows the contents of the
Events you’ve selected in the
Event Library.

iMovie project

Put together video clips, photos,
music, and more to create movies
you can share on the web, your
iPod, or Apple TV.


Your video plays

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Chapter 1

Welcome to iMovie ’08