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About Video File Formats

Today you can use a multitude of video devices to shoot video almost everywhere you
go. The camcorder has branched out to new formats that record to mini-DVD, hard
disks, or flash memory cards. Even most digital still cameras record video, as do many
other mobile devices. And each of these devices may record video in different video file
formats. iMovie works with the emerging generation of video recording devices. You
can import video from any of the following sources into your iMovie video library:

In addition to these video sources, you can also add video from movie files already
stored on a hard disk (including from projects created in iMovie HD).


An Intel processor is required for AVCHD video support. For more information

about AVCHD camcorders, go to

Camera Type

Recording Medium

Video File Format

USB camcorders

(random access devices)

Hard disk drive (HDD)


DVD (small, 8 cm DVD)

Flash (Memory card)

FireWire camcorders

Mini DV tape

DV (standard) and HDV

(High Definition Video)

iSight camera

Hard disk drive

(on your computer)

QuickTime movie

Digital still cameras


MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and others

Camera phones

(automatically added through

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